phantom forces aimbot script pastebin 2021 (: [RECOMMENDED FREE EXECUTOR] Our Roblox Group:!/about For more Scripts Join My Discord Server : Buy Synapse X the best paid exploit: Download Krnl the best free exploit: DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE SCRIPT, FULL CREDITS TO THEIR CREATORSIf you guys had any questions leave them in the comments Below.Thanks For Watching!! Phantom Forces GUI PASTEBIN 2021 a guest Apr 9th, 2021 6,766 0 Never Add comment Not a member of Pastebin yet? document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); You can find it by typing exploit in the upper right corner of our site. API tools faq. ), TimeDelay = 6 --If you look at the person it won't beep again until the timedelay is up (BeepEffect must be enabled), SoundDelay = 2 --Time before a new sound is played. Login Sign up. Download: 1515_________________________________________________________________phantom forces script,phantom forces hack,roblox phantom forces script,phantom forces script hack,phantom forces script pastebin,phantom forces script pastebin 2023,script phantom forces,roblox phantom forces script pastebin,phantom forces script 2023,phantom forces aimbot,phantom forces wallhack,scripts phantom forces,hack phantom forces,phantom forces hack gui,exploit for phantom forces,how to exploit in phantom forces,roblox phantom forces aimbot Phantom-Forces-Aimbot-Hack-Script-Pastebin-2021/exploit Go to file Go to fileT Go to lineL Copy path Copy permalink This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. ', local FovGui ='ImageLabel',GUI), FovGui.Size =,(Camera.ViewportSize.X/(90/fov))*2,0,(Camera.ViewportSize.X/(90/fov))*2), FovGui.Position =,-FovGui.AbsoluteSize.X/2,0.5,-FovGui.AbsoluteSize.Y/2), local Indicator ='TextLabel',GUI), Indicator.TextXAlignment = Enum.TextXAlignment.Center, Indicator.TextYAlignment = Enum.TextYAlignment.Center, Indicator.Text = aim_priority>1 and 'FOV: '..fov or 'Distance', local SensAdjust ='TextBox',GUI), SensAdjust.BackgroundColor3 =,0,0), SensAdjust.BorderColor3 =,1,1), SensAdjust.TextColor3 =,1,1), SensAdjust.Position = Credits.Position +,250,0,75), local SensLabel ='TextLabel',SensAdjust), SensLabel.TextStrokeColor3 =,0,0), SensLabel.TextXAlignment = Enum.TextXAlignment.Left, FovAdjust.Position = SensAdjust.Position +,0,0,20), DropAdjust.Position = SensAdjust.Position +,0,0,40), local KeysList ='TextLabel',GUI), KeysList.Position =,5,0,-280), KeysList.TextXAlignment = Enum.TextXAlignment.Left, KeysList.TextYAlignment = Enum.TextYAlignment.Bottom, KeysList.Text = 'AimBot Toggle: '..toggle_aimbot.Name..'\nAim Toggle: '..toggle_aim.Name..'\nAim Part Toggle: '..targetpart_change.Name..'\nPriority Toggle: '..priority_toggle.Name, ..'\nESP Toggle: '..toggle_esp.Name..'\nBones Toggle: '..toggle_bones.Name..'\nChams Toggle: '..toggle_chams.Name..'\nBoxes Toggle: '..toggle_boxes.Name..'\nFOV Increase: '..fov_increase.Name..'\nFOV Decrease: '..fov_decrease.Name..'\nSens Increase: ', ..sens_increase.Name..'\nSens Decrease: '..sens_decrease.Name..'\nTrigger Toggle: '..toggle_trigger.Name..'\nFFA Toggle: '..ffatoggle.Name..'\nHide Cheats: '..toggle_gui.Name, ..'\nChange ESP Origin: '..toggle_bottompos.Name..'\nPerformance Mode: '..toggle_performance.Name..'\nChange Font: '..toggle_font.Name, Indicator.TextColor3 = Color3.fromHSV(n,.5,1), FovGui.ImageColor3 = Indicator.TextColor3, Status.Text = ('Aiming at ', Status.TextColor3 = Color3.fromHSV(n,.5,1), SensAdjust.InputEnded:Connect(function() if SensAdjust.Text~='' then sens = tonumber(SensAdjust.Text)>0 and tonumber(SensAdjust.Text) or sens end end), FovAdjust.InputEnded:Connect(function() if FovAdjust.Text~='' then fov = tonumber(FovAdjust.Text)>0 and tonumber(FovAdjust.Text) or fov, FovGui:TweenSize(,(Camera.ViewportSize.X/(90/fov))*2,0,(Camera.ViewportSize.X/(90/fov))*2),Enum.EasingDirection.InOut,Enum.EasingStyle.Quad,.1,true) end end), DropAdjust.InputEnded:Connect(function() if DropAdjust.Text~='' then drop = tonumber(DropAdjust.Text)>=0 and tonumber(DropAdjust.Text) or drop end end), return x:DistanceFromCharacter(Spawn.Position), local sound ='Sound',Camera), game:GetService('Debris'):AddItem(sound,5), Mouse.Icon = 'rbxassetid://'..mouseiconid, StarterGui:SetCore('SendNotification',), local function DrawLine(Folder,P1,P2,Thickness,Color,LineTransparency,BorderThickness,BorderColor), local Point1,Point2 = P1.Position,P2.Position, local X,Y = Camera.ViewportSize.X, Camera.ViewportSize.Y, local X1,X2 = (X * Point1.X.Scale + Point1.X.Offset + P1.Size.X.Offset/2), (X * Point2.X.Scale + Point2.X.Offset + P2.Size.X.Offset/2), local Y1,Y2 = (Y * Point1.Y.Scale + Point1.Y.Offset + P1.Size.Y.Offset/2), (Y * Point2.Y.Scale + Point2.Y.Offset + P2.Size.Y.Offset/2), LineTransparency = LineTransparency or 0, BorderColor = BorderColor or,0,0), local Line = Folder:FindFirstChild(P1.Name..'-'..P2.Name) or'Frame',Folder), Line.BackgroundTransparency = LineTransparency, Line.Size =,(,Y1) -,Y2)).magnitude-1,0,Thickness), Line.Position =,MidX-Line.AbsoluteSize.X/2,0,MidY-Line.AbsoluteSize.Y), Line.Rotation = math.deg(math.atan2((Y2-Y1),(X2-X1))), local lowest,nearest,gui = math.huge,nil,nil, for _,plr in next,Players:GetPlayers() do, if plr.Name~=Player.Name and plr.Character~=nil and plr.Character:FindFirstChild(targetpart) then, local dist = Player:DistanceFromCharacter(plr.Character[targetpart].Position), local ray =,(plr.Character[targetpart].Position-Player.Character.Head.Position).unit*5000), local part,point = workspace:FindPartOnRayWithIgnoreList(ray,{Camera,Player.Character,unpack(windows)}), local Z = Camera:WorldToScreenPoint(plr.Character[targetpart].Position).Z, if part and part:IsDescendantOf(plr.Character) and Z>0 and dist < lowest and (ffa or plr.TeamColor~=Player.TeamColor) then lowest = dist nearest = plr.Character end, local pos = Camera:WorldToScreenPoint(plr.Character[targetpart].Position), local ray =[targetpart].Position,(plr.Character[targetpart].Position-Player.Character[targetpart].Position).unit*2048), local dist = (,Mouse.Y),pos.Y)).magnitude, if part and part:IsDescendantOf(plr.Character) and pos.Z>0 and dist <= Camera.ViewportSize.X/(90/fov) and dist < lowest and (ffa or plr.TeamColor~=Player.TeamColor) then lowest = dist nearest = plr.Character end, cursor = ESP:FindFirstChild('Cursor') or'Frame',ESP), cursor.Position =,Mouse.X,0,Mouse.Y), if Input.KeyCode == toggle_aim or Input.UserInputType == toggle_aim then, warn('GS: aim toggled',aim_toggled and 'on' or 'off'), local dist = Player:DistanceFromCharacter(target[targetpart].Position), local headpos = Camera:WorldToScreenPoint(target[targetpart],dist/(100/drop),0)), local moveto =*sens,(headpos.Y-Mouse.Y)*sens), aimpos = GUI:FindFirstChild('AimPos') or'Frame',GUI), aimpos.BackgroundColor3 =,1,1), aimpos.Position =,headpos.X-aimpos.AbsoluteSize.X/2,0,headpos.Y-aimpos.AbsoluteSize.Y/2), elseif Input.KeyCode == toggle_trigger then, setText('Toggled TriggerBot '..(trigger_toggled and 'On' or 'Off')), Notification({Title='TriggerBot';Text='TriggerBot was toggled '..(trigger_toggled and 'On' or 'Off');Duration=2;}), warn('trigger toggled',trigger_toggled and 'on' or 'off'), local Box ='SelectionBox',PlayerGui), if trigger_delay>0 then wait(trigger_delay) end, local plr = Players:FindFirstChild(Target.Parent.Name), if Target and Target.Parent and plr~=nil and plr~=Player and ffa or plr~=nil and plr.TeamColor~=Player.TeamColor then, Notification({Title='ESP';Text='ESP was toggled '..(esp_toggled and 'On' or 'Off');Duration=2;}), setText('Toggled ESP '..(esp_toggled and 'On' or 'Off')), elseif Input.KeyCode == toggle_aimbot then, Notification({Title='AimBot';Text='AimBot was toggled '..(aimbot_toggled and 'On' or 'Off');Duration=2;}), setText('Toggled AimBot '..(aimbot_toggled and 'On' or 'Off')), elseif Input.KeyCode == fov_increase then, FovGui:TweenSize(,(Camera.ViewportSize.X/(90/fov))*2,0,(Camera.ViewportSize.X/(90/fov))*2),Enum.EasingDirection.InOut,Enum.EasingStyle.Quad,.1,true), elseif Input.KeyCode == fov_decrease and fov>0 then, elseif Input.KeyCode == sens_increase then, elseif Input.KeyCode == sens_decrease then, elseif Input.KeyCode == targetpart_change then, targetpart = val<=#parts and parts[val] or parts[1], Notification({Title='Target Part';Text='Target part set to '..targetpart;Duration=2;}), Notification({Title='FFA Mode';Text='FFA Mode is '..(ffa and 'Enabled' or 'Disabled');Duration=2;}), setText('FFA Mode: '..(ffa and 'Enabled' or 'Disabled')), elseif Input.KeyCode == priority_toggle then, aim_priority = aim_priority+1>2 and 0 or 1, Notification({Title='Aim Priority';Text='Aim Priority: '..(aim_priority==1 and 'Distance' or 'FOV');Duration=2;}), setText('Aim Priority: '..(aim_priority==1 and 'Distance' or 'FOV')), elseif Input.KeyCode == toggle_bones then, if v:IsA('Frame') and v.Name:match('-') then, Notification({Title='ESP';Text='ESP Bones: '..(esp_bones and 'Enabled' or 'Disabled');Duration=2;}), setText('Toggled ESP Bones '..(esp_bones and 'Enabled' or 'Disabled')), for _,gui in next,GUI:GetDescendants() do, if gui:IsA('GuiObject') and not hidden and not gui.Visible then, elseif gui:IsA('GuiObject') and gui.Visible then, elseif Input.KeyCode == toggle_bottompos then, elseif Input.KeyCode == toggle_performance then, setText('Performance Mode '..(performancemode and 'Enabled' or 'Disabled')), elseif Input.KeyCode == toggle_chams then, setText('Chams '..(esp_chams and 'Enabled' or 'Disabled')), Notification({Title='ESP';Text='Chams: '..(esp_chams and 'Enabled' or 'Disabled');Duration=2;}), elseif Input.KeyCode == toggle_tracers then, setText('Tracers '..(esp_chams and 'Enabled' or 'Disabled')), Notification({Title='ESP';Text='Tracers: '..(esp_tracers and 'Enabled' or 'Disabled');Duration=2;}), elseif Input.KeyCode == toggle_boxes then, setText('Bounding Boxes '..(bounding_box and 'Enabled' or 'Disabled')), Notification({Title='ESP';Text='Bounding Boxes: '..(bounding_box and 'Enabled' or 'Disabled');Duration=2;}), currentfont = (currentfont+1)>#fonts and 1 or currentfont+1, if v:IsA('TextLabel') or v:IsA('TextButton') then, while not spawned and game.PlaceId==292439477 do, spawned = distfromspawn(x)>200 and true or false, Player.CharacterAdded:Connect(function(c), Notification({Title='GameSense '..version;Text='Cheat loaded successfully. 39 min ago Your email address will not be published. is the number one paste tool since 2002. BeepVolume = 1 --Max volume for the SoundID(1 is max, 0 is nothing. Advertisement. | 0.38 KB, C++ | | 0.49 KB, GetText | Add comment. targetpart = 'Head' -- Don't change this. BeepSound = 138081500 --What sound do you want to play when someone comes behind you (BeepEffect must be enabled for it to work). 29 min ago A tag already exists with the provided branch name. 20 min ago paste . Phantom Forces Script Features Aimbot Slient Aim WalkSpeed ESP And more Phantom Forces was created in 2015 and has over one billion visits and up to 29,500 active players. | 0.70 KB, We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. 4 min ago | 0.38 KB, C++ | -- It can be changed with the targetpart_change hotkey ingame. | 1.85 KB, C++ | | 0.45 KB, C++ | *NEW* Phantom Forces Script | Aimbot | Esp | AND MORE! Phantom Forces is a free-to-play FPS First Person Shooting Roblox game developed and made by Stylis Studios. PHANTOM FORCES SCRIPT PASTEBIN AIMBOT ESP (WORKING 2021)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Subscribe here for more =):\u0026ab_channel=BeatsProviderTags bb xx--------------------------------------------------------------------------------phantom forces script,phantom forces gui,phantom forces owl hub,phantom forces script unlock all,phantom forces script pastebin,phantom forces script 2020,phantom forces gui script,phantom forces aimbot script,phantom forces esp,roblox phantom forces script,phantom forces aimbot script pastebin,roblox phantom forces script 2020,phantom forces hack script,phantom forces script pastebin 2020,phantom forces pastebin,KevKd,phantom forces hack script pastebin 2020 | 0.39 KB, Python | The best quality phantom forces scripts you need for the Phantom Forces game and everything you need to know about these scripts are in this article! Advertisement Add Comment Download: 1515_____phantom forces script,phantom forc. ';Duration=4;}), FovGui.Position =,FovGui.AbsoluteSize.X/2,0,FovGui.AbsoluteSize.Y/2), Indicator.Position =,0,0,40), FovGui:TweenSize(,Camera.ViewportSize.X/(90/fov)*2.35,0,Camera.ViewportSize.X/(90/fov)*2.35),Enum.EasingDirection.InOut,Enum.EasingStyle.Quad,.1,true), FovGui:TweenSize(,Camera.ViewportSize.X/(90/fov)*2,0,Camera.ViewportSize.X/(90/fov)*2),Enum.EasingDirection.InOut,Enum.EasingStyle.Quad,.1,true), Indicator.Text = (aim_priority>1 and 'FOV: '..fov or 'Distance') ..'\nSens: '..sens..(aim_toggled and '\nAiming' or ''), if not bottompos then Bottom.Position = cursor.Position end, if v~=Bottom and not Players:FindFirstChild(v.Name) then, if Char and spawned and v~=Player and Char:FindFirstChild(targetpart) and distfromspawn(v)>100 then, if ffa or v.TeamColor~=Player.TeamColor then, local X = Camera:GetPartsObscuringTarget({Camera.CFrame.p,Char[targetpart].CFrame.p},{v.Character,Char,Camera,unpack(windows)}), local Dist = Player:DistanceFromCharacter(Char:FindFirstChild(targetpart).Position), local Folder = ESP:FindFirstChild(v.Name) or'Folder',ESP), local Head = Folder:FindFirstChild('Head') or'Frame',Folder), if not Folder:FindFirstChild('Head') then, Head.BackgroundColor3 = #X>0 and hiddencolor or #X==0 and visiblecolor, Head.Rotation = headboxshape=='diamond' and 45 or 0, local HP = Folder:FindFirstChild('HP') or'TextLabel',Folder), HP.TextTransparency = Head.BackgroundTransparency-.4, HP.Text = showdists and Char.Name..'\n'..math.floor(Dist+.5) or Char.Name, Head.Size =,headboxaimsize,0,headboxaimsize), HP.Text = showdists and '['..Char.Name..']'..'\n'..math.floor(Dist+.5) or '['..Char.Name..']', Head.Size =,headboxsize,0,headboxsize), local toScreen = Camera:WorldToScreenPoint(Char[targetpart].CFrame.p), Head.Position =,toScreen.X-Head.Size.X.Offset/2,0,toScreen.Y-Head.Size.Y.Offset/2), HP.Position =,0,0,textoffset), local Line = DrawLine(Folder,ESP.Bottom,Head,linesize,Head.BackgroundColor3,.75,1,,0,0)), local imtired = Folder:FindFirstChild(ESP.Bottom.Name..'-'..Head.Name), if toScreen.Z<=0 then Head.Visible = false else Head.Visible = true end, if Char:FindFirstChild('Humanoid') and Char.Humanoid.RigType==Enum.HumanoidRigType.R6 then, local Neck = Folder:FindFirstChild('Neck') or'Frame',Folder), local Pos = (Char.Torso.CFrame*,.8,0)).p, local X,Y,Z = Camera:WorldToScreenPoint(Pos).X,Camera:WorldToScreenPoint(Pos).Y,Camera:WorldToScreenPoint(Pos).Z, if Z<=0 then Neck.Visible = false else Neck.Visible = true end, local Pelvis = Folder:FindFirstChild('Pelvis') or'Frame',Folder), local Pos = (Char.Torso.CFrame*,-1,0)).p, if Z<=0 then Pelvis.Visible = false else Pelvis.Visible = true end, local RightFoot = Folder:FindFirstChild('Right Foot') or'Frame',Folder), local Pos = (Char['Right Leg'].CFrame*,-1,0)).p, if Z<=0 then RightFoot.Visible = false else RightFoot.Visible = true end, local LeftFoot = Folder:FindFirstChild('Left Foot') or'Frame',Folder), local Pos = (Char['Left Leg'].CFrame*,-1,0)).p, if Z<=0 then LeftFoot.Visible = false else LeftFoot.Visible = true end, local RightHand = Folder:FindFirstChild('Right Hand') or'Frame',Folder), local Pos = (Char['Right Arm'].CFrame*,-1,0)).p, if Z<=0 then RightHand.Visible = false else RightHand.Visible = true end, local LeftHand = Folder:FindFirstChild('Left Hand') or'Frame',Folder), local Pos = (Char['Left Arm'].CFrame*,-1,0)).p, if Z<=0 then LeftHand.Visible = false else LeftHand.Visible = true end, if Head.Visible then DrawLine(Folder,Head,Neck,1,,1,1),Head.BackgroundTransparency) end, if Neck.Visible then DrawLine(Folder,Neck,Pelvis,1,,1,1),Head.BackgroundTransparency) end, if Neck.Visible then DrawLine(Folder,Neck,RightHand,1,,1,1),Head.BackgroundTransparency) end, if Neck.Visible then DrawLine(Folder,Neck,LeftHand,1,,1,1),Head.BackgroundTransparency) end, if Pelvis.Visible then DrawLine(Folder,Pelvis,RightFoot,1,,1,1),Head.BackgroundTransparency) end, if Pelvis.Visible then DrawLine(Folder,Pelvis,LeftFoot,1,,1,1),Head.BackgroundTransparency) end, if Part:IsA('BasePart') and Part.Name~='HumanoidRootPart' then, local Adornment = Folder:FindFirstChild(Part.Name..'_Cham') or'BoxHandleAdornment',Folder), if not Folder:FindFirstChild(Part.Name..'_Cham') then, Adornment.Size = Part.Name=='Head' and,1,1) or Part.Size, for _,v in next,Folder:GetDescendants() do, if bounding_box and Char:FindFirstChild('HumanoidRootPart') then, local Box = Char:FindFirstChild('Box') or'BillboardGui',Char), Box.Adornee = Char:FindFirstChild('HumanoidRootPart'), Box.StudsOffset =,-Box.Adornee.Size.Y/4,0), Top.Size =,0,0,box_line_size), Bot.Position =,0,1,-box_line_size), Right.Position =,-box_line_size,0,0), v.BackgroundColor3 = Head.BackgroundColor3, if lockedon and target and aim_line and ESP:FindFirstChild(target.Name) then, DrawLine(ESP,cursor,ESP:FindFirstChild(target.Name).Head,1,Head.BackgroundColor3,.5), wait(1/(workspace:GetRealPhysicsFPS()*.75)), C++ | Home Roblox Phantom Forces Script Aimbot, ESP, Silent Aim and more 2023. You will be able to dominate lobbies and increase your phantom forces level really fast Loading branch information robloxscriptss committed on Aug 27, 2021 0 parents commit e78d42a 29 min ago (Useful if many people spawn on the same person so you won't hear 999 beeps). Phantom Forces Aimbot Hack Script Pastebin 2021 This hack allows you to aimbot, softaim, fly and much more really cool features. BeepSize = 8 --How large should the red dot be? 4,604 . It has a plethora of scripts created to make its gameplay easier. Phantom Forces Best Gui Script - is the number one paste tool since 2002. Recoil Pastebin Zonealarm Results Roblox Aimbot Phantom Forces Aimbot Exploit | 0.49 KB, GetText | | 0.44 KB, C++ | | PASTEBIN *2023* Stickiis 1.71K subscribers Subscribe 31K views 1 month ago #Robloxhackers #Hacks #RobloxHacks script:. 4 min ago local content = game:HttpGet(, loadstring(game:HttpGet(, loadstring(game:HttpGet(, true))(), loadstring(game:HttpGet(, loadstring(game:HttpGet(, true))(), loadstring(game:HttpGet( It has a plethora of scripts created to make its gameplay easier. IgnoreWalls = true --Do you want to shoot through walls? Phantom Forces GUI - OPEN SOURCE AUGUST 2021 _Thanh_Thy_Cute_ Aug 29th, 2021. Many Git commands accept both tag and branch names, so creating this branch may cause unexpected behavior. Many Git commands accept both tag and branch names, so creating this branch may cause unexpected behavior. ';Text='If you like this script, please leave a vouch on my thread! | 0.39 KB, Python | loadstring(game:HttpGet(""))(), C++ | Ask someone in the KRNL Discord for the invite. Sniper = {"INTERVENTION", "REMINGTON 700", "AWS", "L115A3", "MOSIN NAGANT", "OBREZ"}, WeakSniper = {"MK11", "SKS", "SCAR SSR", "DRAGUNOV SVU", "HENRY 45-70"}, SMG = {"SCAR-H", "AG-3", "M4A1", "G36C", "M4", "L22", "SCAR PDW", "SR-3M", "P90", "AUG A3 PARA", "AK12", "AN-94", "AS VAL", "SCAR-L", "AUG A1", "M16A4", "G36", "M16A3", "AUG A2", "FAMAS", "AK44", "AUG A3", "L85A2", "HONEY BADGER", "AK74", "AKM", "M231"}, WeakSMG = {"MP5K", "UMP45", "MP7", "MAC10", "MP5", "COLT SMG 635", "MP5SD", "MP10", "MP5/10", "KRISS VECTOR"}, ShotGun = {"REMINGTON 870", "KSG 12", "KS-23M", "SERBU SHOTGUN"}, LMG = {"COLT LMG", "M60", "AUG HBAR", "MG36", "L86 LSW", "RPK", "SCAR HAMR", "RPK74"}, Other = {"M9", "GLOCK 17", "M1911", "DEAGLE 44", "GLOCK 18", "M93R", "TEC9", "MP412 REX"}, warn("Version: 1.0.0, Welcome To Project Bear's ESP, Report bugs to the Project Bear Discord.

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phantom forces aimbot script pastebin 2021